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Hey guys,
Can you believe its already OCTOBER?!??! Seems like this year just flew by! I was going through my pinterest board and thought a round up of all the Character Inspired looks I’ve sewn could possibly be quite handy to anyone looking for some Halloween Inspiration. I’ll start off with some Disney character cosplay/inspired looks and then I’ll share some makes I’ve made that would be good patterns for inspired ideas. I’ll include the links to the full blog posts of these features, so you can either click the highlighted words or the actual pictures to go to the blog posts that include all the pattern and fabric details. Let’s begin with my favorite:

1. Ariel’s Blue Dress from the Little Mermaid.

Ariel's Blue Dress from the Little Mermaid.
Click to view full blog post.

2. Snow White Dress – This posts also includes a DIY on how to make the sleeves puffy and with the red insert.

Snow White Dress
Click to view full blog post.

3. Jasmine Inspired Outfit from Alladin

Jasmine Inspired Outfit from Alladin
Click to view full blog post.

4. Belle Inspired Yellow Dress

Belle Inspired Yellow Dress
Click to view full blog post.

5. Te Fiti (from Moana) inspired dress. This was actually a feature I did for Cali Fabrics talking about Tips for Sewing Character Inspired Outfits so the link will take you there.

Moana Te Fiti Inspired Dress
Click to view full blog post.

6. Mother Gothel from Rapunzel
This was the first villain she cosplayed as, but her hair was just too perfect a match to pass up the opportunity! This was a franked pattern of multiple patterns.

Mother Gothel from Rapunzel Dress
Click to view full blog post.

7. The Greatest Showman Outfit. (not Disney) – This was a mashup of Multiple patterns. You’ll have to click the link to view them all.

The Greatest Showman Outfit
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8. A Duck / Bird Costume. – Just recently we attended D23 and we used The Melbourne Pattern to create the look of DUCKY from Toy Story 4.


9. Giggles Mc Dimples Costume. I even sewed something for myself for D23 using the Sahara PDF Pattern.

Okay, now below you’ll find patterns I’ve sewn that could be used to create some halloween outfits as well.

10. A Victorian Inspired Vintage Look / Little Old Lady Dress
The Mutton Top Dress would be the perfect pattern for a Victorian Inspired Vintage look….

Click to view full blog post.

….or in Abigails case, the perfect pattern for a “little old lady dress’ – she has had requested this pattern to wear for her 100 day of school celebration…lol


11. Princess Dress / Rapunzel Inspired Dress

The Annaleise Pattern is perfect for the princess inspired dress, it’s very similar to Rapunzel’s dress with the laces in the front.

Princess Inspired Dress
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12. Princess Dress / Vintage Look.
The Tilly Dress is another pattern that makes me think Princess and Vintage. This pattern has no closures, so if you’re a beginner, it’s perfect for you to consider.

13. Bohemian / Angel Look

The Mori Dress would be a perfect pattern to create that Bohemian inspired look or even that of an Angel.

Bohemian or Angel Inspired Dress
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14. Here’s a cute DIY Tutorial Idea for a Wind Up Doll Look.

DIY Halloween Wind Up Doll Tutorial.
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15. And lastly, not a pattern Inso per say, but definitely a FABRIC inspiration idea. This Space fabric (Interstellar from Windham Fabrics) would be perfect for a Ms. Fizzle (from the Magic School Bus) inspired outfit don’t you think? You can click the picture for the full blog post but here’s the direct link to the FABRIC.

Space Fabric
Click here for full blog post.

And there you have it! Hopefully you’ve found something that inspires you for this Halloween season. Please feel free to share this post with your friends and maybe it’ll help them come up with a Halloween costume idea too! Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great week! xoxo

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