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Our blackout dates are over so that means we’ll be making many more trips to Disneyland in the next few months. We introduced Aladdin to Abigail last month and now she’s totally smitten with Jasmine, so choosing her next outfit was easy.

I wanted to make the outfit a little more age appropriate for her, so I opted for a sleeveless crop top and harem pants. I drafted the crop top from her old t-shirt bodice and gave the neckline a little sweetheart curve. For the harem pants I used Burda 1518 (like I did HERE & HERE) and added a yoga waistband and leg cuffs.

We didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked to since I was to “confined” to a wheelchair because of my busted ankle, but here’s a few.






We made sure to catch Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular – and if you have not seen it yet, its was the BEST experience we’ve had at Disney yet! The show was amazing, even more amazing that we sat in the front row, and when Aladdin saw Abbie he blew her kiss – and she totally melted into the floor!┬áIt was just the most adorable thing ever! Sadly, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures or video. =(


But we did get to meet the characters after.


Then we went on some rides:


We ended the day meeting a few princess’s and I must say, it was one of the best character experiences we’ve had. They all engaged her in conversation and then took a picture. It was really sweet to watch their interactions.


That’s it for today you guys! Hope you’re having a fantastic week! Talk to you soon! xoxo


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