Happy Hump Day Lovelies!

So our monthly Disneyland visit was on Monday, I hadn’t planned on making anything for her for that specific day because she was dead set on being Rapunzel. She already had a store bought costume and a gorgeous custom wig made for her by her grandma to go with it, so I thought we’d just do that; especially since I was trying to rest my hand as much as I could. But the closer we got to going the more my mind kept telling me I should make something! I couldn’t stop thinking about it,….so you know what happened next…lol I thought she would make the perfect Mother Gothel (from Tangled), I mean look at her hair! It’s was a perfect match! (Sometimes she makes that face too! lol)


Plus how perfect is it to dress up as a villain for Halloween! It’s the only time in the year you get a free pass to dress up as absolutely anything, and people won’t look at you all weird! hahah! She wasn’t so sure about the idea at first, but the moment I started making the dress she totally got into it! So much so, she was was walking around the house going “MUAHAHAHAHAA!! I’m going to be a villain! RAR!!!!” and I never had to bribe her for a fitting – that was my indicator that she really was excited about it. I figured she could be both characters in one day, and she was very thrilled about that.

I picked up this gorgeous Red Wine/ Burgundy slightly stretch fabric at Michael Levine Inc.  when I went in to buy fabric a few weeks back. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it then, but it was pretty and shinny and it was only $3 a yard! I couldn’t pass that up! haha! This is one of those times it pays to hoard fabric! (haha!) I didn’t have much time to spend drafting and redrafting a dress, so I decided to go through my pattern stash to find a couple patterns I could FRANKEN PATTERN together.

Franken-pattern means to create a whole garment using a combination of different patterns. 

Luckily for me I did!


I used Simplicity 1452A Version E for the bodice and then drafted the skirt to the length I wanted. I rounded out the square neckline just a little bit so it could look like Mother Gothel’s.


And then I used Simplicity 1452A for the sleeves. They are not exactly like Mother Gothel’s, but they are passable right?


When I do these costumes I try to make the little details as close to the original as possibe, so I was happy to have found trim in my stash that could work for the neck, the sleeves and the belt. (This is also another example of how hoarding makes life easier! haha! – I can’t even imagine what torture my mind would have put me through if I didn’t have something that was somewhat similar – I shudder to think!) 


Of course, I had to create a little prop to go with her costume, because I wasn’t sure if people would get who she was right away. I thought the Magical Flower would be perfect. I bought a stem of silk flowers from DollarTree and used my Dye-Na Flow silk paints to paint one yellow. It’s been about 3 years since I’ve touched my silk paints, I really need to make a better effort to get back to them soon.


I finished the dress and the flower hours before we left for Disneyland so I didn’t even get a change to do a layout picture! *womp womp womp*

We got there early and changed into her Mother Gothel costume first, I figured she would only want to spend a few minutes in that costume and then spend the remainder of the day as Rapunzel. Boy was I wrong! She got such a kick from everyone calling her Mother Gothel that she decided she wanted to wear that one ALL day!


See that belt buckle? It’s actually a golden key ring! haha!



A few of the park employees commented they had never seen such a tiny little villainess before (although I’m sure I’ve seen some), but it was quite funny! Even Rapunzel was surprised to see her! haha!



We spend the remainder of the Day character meeting and riding rides, and eating waaaaay too much cotton candy! (Never want to see cotton candy again!). I think Halloween is one of my most favorite times at Disneyland, everyone and everything become even more animated.

Well, that’s it for today’s post guys! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you’re having a wonderful week! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

OH!!! P.S. – If you still haven’t decided on a Halloween Costume yet, check out my quick and easy Halloween DIY costume Tutorial for a WIND UP DOLL HERE.  It also comes with a free PDF file, so you don’t have to spend too much time drawing! All you need is few minutes and a couple materials! GO CHECK IT OUT!! Talk to you soon! xoxox



2 thoughts on “Halloween at Disneyland 2015 – DIY Mother Gothel Costume

  1. Can, how did you come up with this idea?! Love it! You just sparkle with childlike imagination. You are so so so creative! What an enchanting post.

    And isn’t that the prettiest little villain? What a magical childhood you’re giving Abbie! At a time when children are being fed a diet of screens in all shapes and sizes or live over-scheduled lives, you are firing up her own imagination and creativity. Long live childhood magic!

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