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Let’s jump right into today’s feature! If you follow me on the blog you know that I was once obsessed with the Racerback Dress and when I came across this ahh-mazing print from Amy Butler I instantly envisioned one – so it had to be done. (haha) (Amy Butler Print can be found: HERE). There is just something vibrant and bright and tribal-ish about this print that made me think of home and so it was perfect for our trip to Belize.

Instead of a solid back panel, I decided to use a white netted crochet fabric, which I dyed with tea to give it more of a beige shade. Unlike the other dresses, this dress is not lined, I used bias tape around the armholes and the neckline; using the inverted technique along with my trusty twin needle to give it a nice clean finish.


I also added pockets!


This dress is extra special because it was photographed in THREE  locations!

FIRST LOCATION: A random road in Big Falls.

From as long as I could remember, whenever we’d leave Toledo to go back home to the city we would stop it to visit my Aunt who lives in Big Falls. On this trip we did just that, and came upon this beautiful rocky road – perfect photo opportunity! Can you tell just how much she loves nature? She wanted to go barefooted every where we went.


It was a lonely, quiet road and we weren’t sure what type of animals were lurking in the bushes so we hoped back into the truck and off we went to my Aunt’s house and then on to the the river.

Second Location: The Rio Grande River at Big Falls Extreme Adventures

While in Toledo, the hubby and I took a day for ourselves and we went zip lining and river tubing through the forest and over the Rio Grande River with Big Falls Extreme Adventures. It was such an  exhilarating experience zipping through the forest and over the river, I don’t think we’ve ever had that much fun!  But while doing this, I thought to myself, this is such a great location to shoot a dress, and since the river was open to the public, we made it a point to make a quick stop there the morning we drove back the city to take some photos. The short trip was especially fun for both the kids because neither of them had ever been that close to a river, or much less IN one. Here are some action shots!


It was really fun and refreshing to stand in the middle of a river with tiny little waterfalls running over our toes, but sadly, we had a 5 hour drive ahead of us, so off we went.


Our last shoot takes place at ALTUN HA. Altun Ha is one of the Ancient Mayan Ruins of Belize and one of the more popular tourist sites. This shoot was slightly more difficult to take than the others, because Abbie thought it was just one big giant playground and so she just ran and ran and ran…lol. I did manage to get a few good photos though….take a look:


She did slow down for a minute to pick a dandilion tho…lol


So ends PART 8 of Our Christmas in Belize featuring the Racerback Dress. Thank you for following along with me as I showcase my creations while giving you a small glimpse of how beautiful Belize is. If you missed my other features, here they are:

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There’s only one more feature after this one! Talk to you then!!



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