Happy Monday my Lovelies!

Thank you for joining me for PART 3 of our Christmas in Belize! Today I’m featuring a dress that started in my head. (haha) Sometimes my vision for a dress, and the actual functionality doesn’t always work out…but this one came out beautifully.

The bodice is fully lined, with powder pink flutter eyelet trims for straps  (hence the name) and an elastic casing in the back; which will allow her plenty of wear as she grows. Lined neatness, elastic functionality for growth and a darling bit of flutter in the back.


***sidenote: If this fabric looks familiar its is because I used the aqua color scheme of the same fabric in PART 1 of Our Christmas in Belize for the Toddler Sport Shorts (photographed in Caye Caulker). 

Initially, I hadn’t planned this dress to be shot in Toledo, but the weather had been so unpredictable that I decided it would be wise to try and get the pictures taken when I could. My mom suggested this dock on the seaside, and I thought it was perfect because Abbie just loves the ocean.


And there she goes….


Can you tell how much she loves it? lol


There’s something quite magical and captivating about the calmness of the sea like this, even I had to set the camera down for a bit and take it all in.


And of course, I have to add a twirling picture in the mix! She was cautious about not twirling on the dock, but she did get some big one’s in earlier that same day.


She was a little sad to leave the dock…


But Great Grandma promised her she could help with making dinner that night ….so all was well in her world again! lol


Besides her love for the outdoors, she also loves the kitchen!

So end’s PART 3 of our Christmas in Belize! This one is not quite as adventurous as the PART 1 or PART 2 …but stay tuned for PART 4 – there’s a bit of adventure there! *wink wink* Talk to you then!!


Michael Miller Lavender Spring Fling Fabric can be found HERE.

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