Isn’t it crazy another year rolled around just like that? You might have noticed I was under the radar for the last few weeks of 2014 but thats because instead of starting 2015 with a bang, my family and I ended 2014 with a bang vacationing in BELIZE!! *insert whoop whoop here* I am originally from Belize and even though I have visited a few times since moving, it was never at Christmas time, so being able to be in a warm, tropical climate during the Christmas break was a real treat for all of us. Here’s a silly shot of us, very anxious to deplane. lol


Since Belize is a tropical country (always 80 something degree weather) and we were in the middle of winter in California, I decided instead of trying find summer/spring clothes for Abigail (since she’s outgrown most of them since last summer), I would make some! So please follow along with us as I share some of what we did on our vacation to Belize by showcasing the pieces I made for her, for our trip.

First up, the Toddler Sport Shorts! I feel in love with this vintage style sports shorts from one of the shorts she had last summer. So I traced the pattern and added an inch at the seams and length.


Clearly, I love mixing and matching patterns so I decided to use this gorgeous floral print from the “Spring Fling Collection” along with the peony color from the “Pinhead Dot Collection” both from Michael Miller Fabrics. I think they complimented each other perfectly. [Michael Miller Spring Fling Floral Fabric can be found HERE and Michael Miller Pinhead Dot Peony can be found HERE]. I made the trim from simply creating bias tape from the fabric using my bias tape maker. (I did a post about how easy that is to do, here).


We decided to spend our first few days away from the city, so we caught a water taxi to the island of Caye Caulker to get some much needed sun and relaxation. Perfect trip for these shorts!


It was overcast, and we had a few little rain showers…but nevertheless, it was still beautiful. We stayed at the Rainbow Hotel, the accommodations were excellent and the view was just about perfect! We had a clear view of the beach front from our room.


The kids couldn’t wait to get in the sand, so we dropped off our stuff at the hotel and went straight to the beach (which was really only a few steps from our room). Thankfully, the sun graced us for a few moments and I was able to capture some cute action shots.


They had a lot of fun playing on the beach building sandcastles, finding sea shells, and chasing the sea gulls.


And the hubby and I had a grand ole time just relaxing watching them have fun lol.


If you’ve ever thought of vacationing in Belize, I strongly suggest visiting Caye Caulker – it’s the stuff dreams are made of! = ) The people are laid back and welcoming, the colors are vibrant and the art is beautiful.


This is it for Our Christmas in Belize – Part 1, featuring the Toddler Sport Shorts.  Please stay tuned for more adventure in PART 2 coming soon! Talk to you then!!


Michael Miller Spring Fling Floral Fabric can be found HERE.
Michael Miller Pinhead Dot Peony can be found HERE.

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