Hey guys!

So I’m pretty excited about this DIY upcycle because I absolutely love recycling old clothes to make new ones, AND because I got to make something for Abigail from something that belongs to her favorite guy for Father’s Day. The first time I made a tunic for her from Daddy’s shirt she never wanted to take it off (you can find that post HERE) so I knew she would like this one too! When the hubby first handed me his old shirt, I instantly envisioned the end dress and couldn’t wait to get started. I actually finished this is a couple hours because it was so simple and because of way I cut the shirt, I managed to eliminate a few finishing steps along the way.


collage2 copy

I decided I want the front of the shirt to be the back of the dress, so I removed the front pocket took an old front bodice template and cut the back bodice out first and heightened the neckline.


Once I had the back cut out, I cut out the front bodice keeping the original neckline and assembled the top, fully lining the front bodice and partially lining the back and armholes.


Once I finished the bodice, I simply used the remainder of the shirt to form the skirt. It was so perfect because I didn’t have to hem the skirt or finish the sides at all! All it was, was the bottom half of the shirt.


I even left the tag inside.


 Buttoned up, it lined up perfectly.


I added a crochet collar for a hint of daintiness and WALLAH! The dress was finished!




I’m absolutely in love with how darling the back of the dress came out, and how simple this was to re-create; there will be plenty of these in her future!!


I hope this inspired you or helped to give you a small idea of how you could upcycle your Hubby’s shirt to remake something for your kids for Father’s Day! IF you did, I’d love to see it, so be sure to tag me!!

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll talk to you soon! xoxo