Hello Lovelies!!

I did something last week I had to blog about!
As you are well aware aside from being a fabric addict, I am also a trim addict! I love adding trim to The Marshmallow’s dresses, I think its gives it somewhat of a vintage charm.

I loved the idea of trim being my special signature for the dresses, and since I am now taking custom dress orders…I needed to find more trim. So,  I scoured the internet to try and find the exact same one, after hours and hours of searching I found the exact style…but there was only one problem…it was white. I didn’t want white – white was not vintage, I wanted ivory or cream.  I went ahead and bought a couple yards anyways, telling myself I’d find a way to use it,  maybe I could dye it.

I was telling a fellow sew sister about my idea to  trying to dye it, but I didn’t have a clue of what dye to use, when she suggested using simple tea. I mean I knew tea stains your teeth (lol) but never did I think about using it to dye fabric. I was excited to try this because 1. It seemed so simple to do  2. I didn’t have to leave the house to go purchase any sort of dye because I already had tea in the house (I used Lipton 100% natural – you can find this at any grocery store). 3. It was safe and organic.  So the next day I decided to try it out, I prepared some hot tea in a dish and cut a small piece of the trim to test.


I let it sit for 4 hours – then I hand washed it and laid it flat to dry. I’m pretty impressed at how it came out even though its darker than I wanted…but ..I think I like the darker shade, plus I can always just let it sit for less than 4 hours to get a lighter tint.


So there you have it folks, easy way to dye fabric/trim to achieve the timeless /vintage look.  Easy Peasy! Talk to you soon! XOXO





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