Happy Saturday Lovelies!

Just wanted to share with you this quick DIY Spiderman/Avengers Themed Dress I made for Abigail for Marvel Universe Live this weekend. Any one else excited about the new Avengers movie?!  We’re all very big fans of the Avengers but Abigail’s favorite super hero of all time is Spiderman! Remember this picture of her as Spiderman, her zombie brother and her cute, little lady bug cousin from last Halloween? Yep, she still loves Spidey.


I was going to make the dress fully with this awesome fabric featuring The Avengers,


…but then I came across this Boys shirt at Costco, and I thought, since Spiderman is her favorite, how cool would it be to have his spider logo at the center of her dress??


I could totally DIY this BOY shirt into something GIRLY!! And it was so easy to do, all I really wanted was the spider logo on the front of the shirt, so I cut the shirt in half, removed the sleeves and and the neckline and cut off part of the bottom where I wanted the bodice to stop.  Pretty much sliced and diced it.


The shirt was already a 3T so I didn’t have to do any further drafting or cutting to fit her size. I used that piece to trace the lining (you know I have to line it!) and the back. For the back, I added an inch more to the middle and then I cut down the middle crease creating two parts that would be my snap closure. I decided I wanted a little bit more of a feminine touch so I added a little Peter Pan collar. Cute right?


For the skirt, I  cut two rectangles 15 inches long and used the entire width of the fabric (can’t remember what it was, sorry!) – I stitched them both together along each sides creating a circle shape and then I  gathered the skirt and attached it to the bodice. Then I added snaps to the back closure.

(Hopefully all of that makes sense to you, it’s  almost midnight here and I’m not sure I’m writing coherently! I’m apologizing in advance if my blabbering doesn’t make sense hahaha!) 



You’ll notice that I used bias tape to finish the hem of the dress instead of actually hemming it or adding trim, I think its my new favorite way to finish a garment. She picked her sparkly red shoes and reminded me that she needed her Spiderman mask too! haha! I’ll be posting posting action pics of her to my Instagram and Facebook account  tomorrow while we’re at the event if you want to see her in the whole outfit!.  Talk to you soon! Have a wonderful weekend!


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