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I was going to wait until tomorrow to share this, but the excitement was just too much to bear! haha! I finally get to share with you the FIRST OF FOUR, (1 of 4) super top secret pattern tests I’ve been working on. This one is particularly exciting because 1. I upcycled one of Shaun’s work pants to make them!


AND 2. : This pattern was just released in Issue 10 of ONE THIMBLE E-magazine! (Not my photos, the actual pattern! haha!) But it was such an honor to work on such a big project knowing that Irene trusted me with pattern testing and bringing the Playproof Dungaree (Pants Version) to life!


Seriously! HOW CUTE ARE THESE DUNGAREES!?!?! The pattern also comes with a bunch of different bib, pockets and patches options, and the instructions are very easy to understand.
For now, the pattern is only available in the One Thimble E-magazine, but it includes the Skirt Version for FREE (which I will post tomorrow),  PLUS 10 other amazing pdf sewing patterns and a bunch of wonderful sewing articles and “how to’s”. (You can click the link HERE to read all about them!)

Click here to visit One Thimble


If I were you I’d definitely snag it up! I mean where else could you get 11 PDF Sewing Patterns plus a whole heap of useful sewing information for the price? Thank you so much for stopping by today, and be sure to come back tomorrow where I reveal the SKIRT version of the PlayProof Dungaree!  1 down, 3 more reveals to go! Talk to you soon!xoxox



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