Happy Friday Lovelies!

It seems I just don’t have enough time in the day! I’m swamped with projects for the boy cub’s up coming birthday (I still can’t believe he’s going to be ELEVEN! sheesh!)  and projects for KCW new season theme, and my own personal projects and preparing for our road trip this weekend, that I’ve lost all sense of time and day; so this blog is going to be a very short and quick one!

I had the privilege of testing another sweet design by Bella Sunshine Design’s called Kelly’s Twirly Skirt.


I was sold on the design the moment I realized it came complete with BUILT IN (sew in) modesty shorts because lordy my spirited one sometimes forgets she’s wearing a skirt or a dress.


Aren’t those shorts just the cutest thing?! I also adore the yoga waist band which makes it comfortable for her and easy for me to sew! YAY for no buttons or zippers! haha!  I can tell you, it’s now one of Abigail’s favorite things to wear – she especially loves the twirl factor.


The pattern runs from Size 12 to a Girls 14 and also comes in a Mommy and Me bundle! How cool is that? Once I get my hands on some cute knit fabrics, I’ll definitely be making a matching set for us. You can find the pattern now on sale HERE for a limited time, I would scoop them up now if I were you! =)

That’s it for today guys! Talk to you soon! xoxo


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