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So with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, and with so much already on my plate,  I decided that it would probably be best to do something quick and simple for Adrian’s class, or I might run the risk of getting nothing done at all. (haha, I can’t disappoint the kids). I thought to myself, what could I do that was quick, simple and would still make it seem like I put in some effort? (haha) PRINTABLES! That’s what! 😉


It’s quick, its simple and it’s fairly inexpensive. I liked this idea so much, I just had to share it with you! So here you go, all you need to do is:

  1. Print off this template: VALENTINE ARROW FOLD TEMPLATE – (preferably on card stock so that its sturdy)
  2. Cut along the dotted line
  3. Fill in your “To and From”
  4. Fold in Half (the insides should be blank for you to write a personal message, or not, totally up to you!)
  5. Attach your heart shaped candy (otherwise it wouldn’t look like an arrow lol) and
  6. SHARE THE LOVE. Super easy right? You’re welcome! haha

valentinearrowprintablePerfect for your kid’s classmates, your coworkers and family and friends.

BONUS: So I was laying in bed one night, thinking about how we spent Valentine in Belize and this one popped in my head! So I created another template exclusively for my Belizean friends ….I think only they will get it! haha. This one is fun too, because you can sorta doddle yourself in if you wanted! haha!


Here’s the template: BE MY BALLY-TIME TEMPLATE

Hope you guys found this useful, tag me if you do them, I wanna see!!!! =)  Talk to you soon!!


2 thoughts on “FREE Quick & Easy Valentine Printables

  1. Can, like seriously, you are awesome! HAHA – I am going to print these for my co-workers – deh wah be my ballies! First time I am visiting your website, and I must say…you are super talented! I am very happy for you:)

    1. Aww thanks so much Candice! Let me know what their reactions where! hahahaha! I thought it was super funny! And thank you….I don’t know if its “talented” or just bored…bwahahaha! 😉

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