Hi guys!

So this year, instead of sewing for Halloween, I’ve sewn for Disney Dapper Day! Dapper Day is just a few days after Halloween and so I wanted to use my time and creative juices wisely. Dapper Day is NOT a costume event, instead it’s where guests celebrate sophisticated style drawing inspiration from the 1950’s ¬†feel of Disneyland. I love vintage style clothing, and welcomed the opportunity to sew something Character Inspired instead of an actual cosplay, like I did for her Ariel, Snow White and Mother Gothel outfits.

Character Inspired simple means you are creating your garment with a majority of the focus on the color scheme of the actual character garment. Our Dapper Day Outfits will be Disney’s Moana themed and #theSpiritedOne’s outfit draws inspiration from Te-Fiti, I’ve shared some tips on how I go about creating Inspired Outfits over on the Califabrics Blog today! Go check it out HERE.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Behind the Scenes:

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