Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

I’m so excited that I can finally share this boys pattern with you!. I was super thrilled when I was selected to test the Bookworm Blazer by Nichole Gifford of Bluebird & The Boy (one of the four founders of Sewing with Boys), because I had been searching for some time, for a “cool” enough pattern to make something else for the boy cub – other than basic tees and pajama bottoms. The Bookworm Blazer was perfect, it definitely had the “Cool Factor” I was looking for.

The Bookworm blazer has french seams through out the entire body, along with a bias tape bound facing that certainly gives the blazer a professional finish. The sleeves are 3/4 which I thought was perfect for California and our unpredictable weather and the side pockets were a nice bonus.



Honestly, the hardest part of sewing this blazer, was finding the right fabric. I had ZERO boy friendly fabric in my stash *shameface* (at that time, I DO NOW THO!) so I had to make a quick run downtown to Michael Levine Inc. I was excited to have discovered that Michael Levine Inc. carries Diary of a Wimpy Kid character fabric (you can find it HERE).


Adrian loves reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid books (I think he might have the entire collection by now), and this was “The BookWorm Blazer” ….so it worked out perfectly! I paired it with some light weight linen (also from Michael Levine) and once I was finished and it passed the “too cool” requirements (by 5th grader standards) , he was happy to model for me!


He’s quite a handsome fella isn’t he? haha I’m still so shocked when I look at these pictures, when did my baby grow up?!?!?!  I’m not ready!!!! *insert weeping here* 



He decided to wear his favorite shirt…lol – I think we all need one of these shirts!



What I love most about blazers is that you can dress it down casually, or dress them up. He was going for the “serious model look” here….lol


The Bookworm Blazer pattern is now included in a super sweet ebook called S is for Sewing that contains 4 other boy patterns, you can find it HERE. If you plan on sewing for the little boys in your life, I would recommend getting it.

That’s it for today guys! Wishing you all a safe and productive rest of the week! xoxo


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