I giggled as I was writing this post because I thought, its Hump Day and our next adventure takes place on a hill! haha! Perfect!!

Today’s feature is the Flutter Sleeve Peasant Dress. If you follow me here on the blog, or on social media, you know it’s one of my very favorite to make, so naturally, I had to make her a couple for our trip. The dress is a very simple style, but I do love adding just a little bit of  “extra” …you know…cause thats what I do….haha. I’m totally in love with my twin needle and I use it every chance I get because ….just Iook at how neat and clean it looks!


I added some pockets too, because she loves pockets….(she also loves the little mermaid!)


And of course, I added some crochet trim at the bottom for a touch of “vintage” appeal.


On the day we first visited the farm (PART 2 of our trip), my Uncle  promised Abigail he would make her a fishing line and teach how to catch a fish! Oh gosh, she was so excited! Our day was particularly busy, but we slipped away from a very important birthday party, so we could make sure she got that experience. I don’t think anyone even noticed we were gone for a while.

Instead of sea fishing, we went creek fishing, haha! My Uncle has a beautiful creek running through his farm, filled with fish, turtles and ducks. After showing her once what she should do, Abbie was ready! lol

redpeasantdress16redpeasantdress2redpeasantdress1I couldn’t decide which of these pictures I liked best, so I added them both! =P

After a while, we realized the fish weren’t biting in this part of the creek, so my Uncle suggested we make our way to a part of the creek located to the back of the farm.

But before we move on, here’s a little pocket action taken earlier that day! =)


Our little cousin CJ was (is) such a great little guy, he escorted Abbie to the back and reassured her she would catch a fish in no time. He’s only six, but he knows his way around the farm like a pro.


By this time the sun was already starting to set, and the dark was setting in fast…but all we could do was wait….


I was about to put my camera away here when all of a sudden she hollered, “I caught one! I caught one!”


Daddy quickly swooped in and pulled up her line….and low and behold: A little fishy! (I don’t know if it was the lack of light or the excitement, but this was the best picture of her and the fish I could find without using the flash!  lol) 


Here’s a better picture of Abigail’s first catch, with flash:


And not to worry, we didn’t have him for supper! My Uncle released him from the hook and put him back into the creek. It was a happy ending for all involved! We did our little celebration dance, thanked my Uncle for another amazing day on the farm and went back to the birthday party for some dancing and cake!

This is the end of PART 4 of our Christmas in Belize featuring the Peasant Dress! I’ve got just a few more pieces to feature and then it’ll be all over! Thanks for joining me, and if you missed any of the previous post of our adventures in Belize here are the links:


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Talk to you soon!!




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