Happy First Day of Spring Guys!!!

I was actually going to title this post “It’s Spring!”…but I live in California and it feels like Spring arrived here weeks ago! lol  I LOOOOOVE SPRING!!! It’s my most favorite season, even  though my allergies always get the better of me and I’m miserable for a good part of the season, it’s still my favorite! New blossoms, New blooms, and LOOK…. A new family of birds have already made their home on our front porch! =)


Earlier this week, my cousin-in-law arranged a sweet “just us girls” day with my sister-in-law and I, plus our littles at the LACMA Museum – I thought the outing would be the perfect opportunity to get in some photographs of the new dress I made for Abigail to celebrate the First Day of Spring. I came across Art Gallery Fabrics a few months ago, and totally fell in love with this fabric. The colors are so vibrant and rich with bursts of beautiful flower patterns, very “Springy” right?


If you follow me on IG you might have noticed, I had actually finished this dress with a basic hem using my twin needle. It wasn’t until after I was finished, and was cleaning up my area, that I came across this darling trim….needless to say, I HAD to cut off the hem and added the trim! haha!


The day was perfect and the littles were very excited to be out, they both love the outdoors.


Isn’t my niece just the most darling girl ever?! She’s just the sweetest thing! =)


I used the same sloper I drafted for her first bodice lined Sweetheart Dress, added an inch to the seam allowance (she’s grown a bit since then), and some lace trim at the bottom.


Abigail enjoyed running through these weird hanging straws…


After running around in them a bit…we went to explore the museum grounds.


Took a walk through some garden areas….


Searched for some critters….


I have no idea what she was doing here….lol


Cheesed a lot for cousin Tiffany (who was also taking pictures)…..lol


And took a break in the grass…


Isn’t this just a darling picture of the Ayala girls?! It’s one of my favorites of the day. The outing was so much fun, Abbie and I can’t wait to do it again! =)
I hope you guys are having a fantastic First Day of Spring! Talk to you soon!! XOXO


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