Happy St. Patrick’s Day My Lovelies!

Todays post is super special because it’s my very first Blog Tour post! *insert excited scream here* HAHA! I’m so excited to have been invited by Bella Sunshine Designs along witto be a part of promoting her super adorable Holiday Cut Out Dress and Top Pattern and Bow Tie Leggings.

The Holiday Cutout Dress & Top is a PDF pattern that features a bunch of different cutouts, with different lengths PLUS optional appliqués which allows you to get super creative. The cutouts and appliqués are also available in different sizes so you can sew as your child grows. The Dress and Top pattern sizes range from 12 months to a Size 10 in Girls. (View complete description HERE). 

A few blog posts ago, I tested the Holiday Cut Out Dress using the HEART design and totally fell in love with this PDF pattern.


You can view that entire blog post HERE.

TODAY’S blog post features the SAME pattern but cut as a TUNIC using the Shamrock shape – perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! =)


Isn’t this fabric super adorable? Abigail was excited to learn that there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, and that four leaf clovers are good luck charms. There was no rainbow in sight, so she set out to find a four leaf clover…lol


We didn’t find any four leaf clovers….but she did find dandelions. She said she wished to find clovers and rainbows. (haha)


WISH GRANTED! In the spirit of St. Patty’s Day, I let her try Lucky Charms for the first time…I think she liked them! lol


Her face when she found a clover. lol.


There are many things I love about the Holiday Cut Out Dress Pattern:

1. The instructions and illustrations are super simple and very easy to read and follow along – I think it’s the absolute perfect pattern for a beginner!

2. The bodice is lined!! You know how I feel about lined bodices so this was a definite winner for me. Look how neat and beautiful the insides are!


3. I love the functionality of this dress, because it can be worn just so on warm days, or layered on cold days – which makes it an ALL year around dress. (It’s perfect for SoCal with our nutty weather that seems to keep changing by the hour! lol). 


4. The design of this dress is delightfully simple which allows me to get creative and think outside the box! It comes with six different cut out shapes to be used as a cut out AND an appliqué; each for a different holiday! (Again, perfect for all year round use!). For example, I’ve never thought to use bias tape as hem until I stitched up this tunic! I wanted the hem to match the straps …and so thats what I did. Needless to say, I am now obsessed with Metallic Gold bias tape! lol


5. Speaking of straps, I love that the straps are adjustable! Perfect for my ever growing little! She seems to be growing by the minute.



6. The pattern can be cut to a Dress OR a Tunic! So you get two patterns really, for the price of one! Which is a super great deal!

Now let’s talk leggings! The Bow Tie Leggings and Shorts specifically!

This pattern offers both a traditional, tighter fitting legging and a slightly looser, slim fit pant which I absolutely adore! There are four different lengths are built into the pattern giving you the option for mini shorts, knee shorts, capris, or regular pants.  (View complete description HERE). So really its like FOUR pant styles in ONE pattern!

I love leggings, they are a definite wardrobe stable for my very active toddler. These leggings are super, super, super simple to stitch up and the bow just adds that extra touch of adorableness! Here is a picture of the test leggings WITH the bow I stitched up a few weeks ago,  if you follow me on IG  you might have seen  Abigail wearing them to her gym class.


For this outfit however, I did not add the bows to the side, and it’s still super adorable and most importantly – comfortable! I love that about knit fabric, they are meant to be comfortable.


What I love most about both these patterns is that not only are they easy to stitch up, but they are both super comfortable for my very picky toddler to run around in.

In celebration of the tour, I get to share with my readers a super sweet coupon code for 20% off BOTH the Holiday Cut Out Dress & Top and the Bow Tie Leggings & Shorts Patterns. Be sure to use that coupon code “BLOGTOUR” when you visit the website HERE.

Coupon Code: BLOGTOUR 

If you love these patterns as much as I do, be sure to visit Bella Sunshine Design’s Facebook  page to stay in the know! She’ll be releasing a bunch of new patterns soon, and you won’t want to miss it! Also check out her FREE Isabella’s Banded Skirt HERE.


Also, be sure to visit the pages of the other talented bloggers on this tour! They’ve sewed up some super adorable renditions!


Thank you for joining me on my very first blog tour post! Hope you guys get LUCKY today! haha! I’ll talk to you soon!! xoxo


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