Good Morning Lovelies!

So, you guys know just how much I love “Paris” themed anything, and how much I adore Michael Miller Fabrics right? Now, imagine those two things coming together! *insert excited scream here!* Michael Miller Fabrics is one of my most favorite fabric designers, and I visit their website and pages constantly – because looking at pretty fabric makes me happy (lol) – so you can imagine how excited I was when I they previewed their “Day in Paris” collection!  I was totally smitten! The collection is such a dream, such delicate beautiful colors with just the right amount of playful pop. The pictures are so darling because it names all the fun places one would visit if they were to have a day in Paris. What I love even more about them though, is that unlike most quilting cottons, the fabric was light and soft to the touch even before the pre-wash.


Funny story (but not so funny story) about this peplum top: It was actually suppose to be a dress. I again used Abbie’s tshirt sloper to create the bodice, I had the skirt cut out and ready to take to the sewing machine but in my excitement to finish, I cut straight through the skirt while cutting out the side ties; BOY! did I want to kick myself! lol After a few swear words, and I few moments spent to gather my nerves, I had to settle for a cute little peplum top lol. You all know my love for mixing patterns, so I decided to line the top with a coordinating fabric from the collection rather than the typical white woven lining – and I must say, I’ve developed a love for polka dots.


A while back I saw a picture of a dress on Pinterest with a darling little heart shaped closure in the back, and I decided to try and recreate it. Took me all morning, and 2 muslins, but I finally figured it out. I probably should have accentuated the curves at the top a little more, because it doesn’t quite look like a heart, but you get the idea right?! lol Next time I will use a button closure because I fought with the hook and eye for well over an hour.  I also decided to use 3/4 sleeves with elastic at the ends just to give it a different look from the Peplum I did before and of course, I had to add some trim at the bottom.

Now for the fun part! Action shots: (p.s. Since the last Peplum top I did for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she’s been dressing herself, and I have to admit, I think she has more matching sense than I do lol)


That’s it for today guys but stay tuned for the next blog post, of another piece I made using more fabrics from this awesome collection! Until then, have a wonderful week you guys!










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