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Yesterday I received this sweet set of fabrics from Michael Miller Fabrics called “All The Trimmings” – aren’t they adorable?

fabric2-1024x797 copy

You can find them on; I’ve compiled a handy set of links for you below:

FABRIC.COM LINKS: CANDYCANE STRIPES: Pink & Green / Red & Green  |  LIGHTS: Pink / Red   |  CHRISTMAS TREES:  Pink & Green Red & Green  |  STOCKINGS: Green & Red 

I just recently realized that you can also find these on The only plus side to this is that on Amazon you have the option for quicker shipping while on there is only one option for shipping. Here’s a set of those links if you’d like those options too! 🙂

AMAZON.COM LINKS: CANDYCANE STRIPES: Pink & Green / Red & Green  |  LIGHTS: Pink / Red   |  CHRISTMAS TREES:  Pink & Green / Red & Green  |  STOCKINGS: Green & Red

I love that the prints come with coordinates that have different patterns because it makes it extra fun to create something. I wanted to make these super cute napkins to give as gifts since last Christmas, but I didn’t have the time. This year, I  promised myself I would get them done! They are super, super easy to make –  from start to finish takes about 20 – 30 mins (pressing included). Today, I’ll show you how to make them! First you’ll need to gather all your tools and materials.

Tools Needed:

  • Something round (as large as you can get unless you’re good a drawing a big circle by hand, then good on you!)
  • Brown Paper (or any type of paper you can cut a shape into; I just prefer brown paper because its thicker)
  • Pen/Pencil/Marker
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Pattern Weights
  • Matching Thread
  • Fabric of your Choice
  • Iron / Ironing Board

Okay, once you’ve got that all together, let’s get started. These are the fabrics I chose to work with:


STEP1: CREATE YOUR CIRCLE PATTERN – Trace whatever you are using to make your circle on to the brown paper then cut out your circle to create your pattern. In my case, I used a plastic bowl.


STEP 2: CUT OUT FABRIC CIRCLES – Using your circle paper pattern, cut out your fabric circles. If you are using two different fabrics like I am, place them one on top of the other and then place the paper pattern on top. Be sure to secure the paper pattern with pattern weights, or pins so that the pattern does not shift while you cut. (IF you are using just ONE fabric all you need to do is cut ONE circle).


STEP 3: CUT CIRCLES IN HALF – To cut your circles in half, fold them over half way and iron down to create a half crease mark, then use your fabric scissors to cut along that line.


STEP 4: SERGE or ZIG ZAG STITCH EDGES (Optional) – This step is completely optional. Since I’m incredibly OCD I need to serge all of my pieces before I start sewing, so I went ahead and serged mine. You can also get the same effect using the zig zag stitch on your machine. Doing this keeps the edges from fraying.


STEP 5: PIN HALF CIRCLES TOGETHER – With RIGHT sides together (pretty side and pretty side), take both pieces of your half circles and pin them together matching up ends.


STEP 6: SEW – With your half circles pinned, take them to the sewing machine and sew starting in the middle on the side with the straight line (You’ll see why this is important when you fold our christmas tree shape down). Stop stitching and backstitch 1 to 2 inches BEFORE you meet your beginning stitches. In other words, leave a 1-2 inch opening at the end, you will need this opening to turn your napkin inside out.


STEP 7: CLIP and PRESS – Once you’re done sewing, cut away all loose threads and clip both of your pointed edges. THEN, TURN NAPKIN INSIDE OUT. Use your iron to press, creating a nice crisp half circle shape.

SIDENOTE UPDATE: It is important to clip your curves if your half circle does not shape out properly. (not pictured here)


STEP 8: SEW OPENING CLOSED – With your half circle nicely pressed, sew your opening closed using a straight stitch. (Remember to backstich at the beginning and at the end)


STEP 9: FOLD INTO TREE SHAPE –  With your half circle nicely pressed, fold over 3 times to create your Christmas tree shape. Once you’ve found the shape you like, PRESS your shape with the iron in order to keep the folds. You’ll notice that your ending stitches are hidden in the folds thus giving your napkins a beautiful finish.


STEP 10: MAKE SOME MORE AND GIFT THEM AWAY!! I love that they can you can totally customize them with the christmas color theme your giftee is using, maybe even add some trim or ric rac; the possibilities are endless!



Super simple right? Be sure to tag me when you make yours – I’D LOVE TO SEE THEM!!! Have a wonderful week my lovelies!!


15 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Tree Table Napkin Tutorial

  1. Hi – Do you know how big your bowl was? My largest is only about 10 or 11″ across. Is that large enough for the napkins?
    These are very cute, and want to make them!

    1. Sara, the circumference of this one is 38 inches. – 12 inches if I measure across the rim from one end to the next. I would say maybe try to get something a little bigger? Or, you can use that one and then just grade a bigger circle around it =)

      1. Thanks, I will dig around and see what i can find. I don’t think I am capable of free handing it! Now at least, I know what to aim for. Thank you!

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