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As promised, here is Day 3 of our Trip! It was more like half a day since we had to be at the airport by 3, so we tried to get in as much as we could that morning. We decided to have breakfast somewhere close and so we opted for the Paris Baguette Bakery Cafe right below our hotel. And OOHHHHH MYYYYYY GOSSSSHHHHH!!!! Why did we ever wait so long to go in there?!? It was Paris themed (and ya’ll know my obsession about Paris) AND it was filled with the most beautiful looking and tastiest pastries ever! I gotta tell you, I loved it so much the minute I came back to LA, I found one near us and and took the family the very same day! But here, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves:

IMG_4845IMG_4825IMG_4833IMG_4827IMG_4831IMG_4832IMG_4834IMG_4836IMG_4839IMG_4835Everything was just so tasty!!!

After breakfast we headed out to Time Square to get some last minute shopping in:


And that was end of our 3 day trip to New York! It was packed with fun, belly laughs, deep meaningful conversations, a little bit of taxi cab terror and a whole lot of delicious food!! I cannot wait for us to go back again!!! Until my next blog post, stay safe my lovelies!!!


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