Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

Let’s jump right into Day 2 of my New York Trip! We started our day with a super fun and tasty breakfast spot called PIE FACE, and it was just that….pies filled with breakfast or lunch goodness adorned with different faces! lol  It’s a really cute little place, the food was amazing and the coffee was super good!

piefaceAfter breakfast we walked to the Garment District, its pretty hard to miss with a big button and needle sticking out! lol

IMG_4353Thought this guy was also pretty cool! =)

IMG_4356We visited several stores but Spandex World was my very favorite! Check out the awesomeness of this sequin!!! I was playing with it for so long that one of the attendants came by and asked me to stop! bahahahaha!! ooopps!

We were all excited about the pink sequins too! lolIMG_4376We walked just across the street to Spandex house and look who we ran into! Peach Carr from Season 8 of Project Runway! She was so super sweet!IMG_7857

I also found a super awesome mermaid scale print I JUST HAD TO HAVE!!! I cannot wait to cut into it!!  IMG_4887We stopped for lunch at a Food Truck and I had my very first GYRO!! OMG!!!!!!! I can’t believe I was missing this all my life! It was sooooo soooooo so good! I need more!IMG_4389With lunch out of the way, we headed back to our hotel to get dressed the event! And off we went to the Brooklyn Craft Company for Mimi’s first Meet and Greet and Pattern Signing with Simplicity.IMG_3756IMG_1530

The event was so much fun!! I really don’t have enough words to describe how amazing it is to see so many women congregate to celebrate Mimi and her success, to express how she has inspired and help them….its just an awesome thing to witness – because she has done just that for me, and so much more!  I’m so thankful that I was able to experience this special day with all three phenomenal women.IMG_6838After the event we had dinner at The Bounty in Brooklyn with some of the awesome people of Simplicity Creative Group. And yes, dinner was awesome sauce!!!IMG_4795You’d think our night would have ended here….but after a crazy flash thunderstorm and pouring rain…the girls humored my need for pastry and coffee and we ended up at Madison Square Garden at the Penn Station 24 hr Au Bon Pain at 1:00 o’clock in the morning!IMG_4802IMG_4812IMG_4818IMG_4819Nothing like ending the night over coffee, pastry, hotdogs and good conversation! lol So ended our second day!

Here are a few sightseeing pics from that day! STAY TUNED FOR DAY 3 TOMORROW! 😉IMG_4299 IMG_4303 IMG_4304 IMG_4305 IMG_4307 IMG_4309 IMG_4340 IMG_4338 IMG_4335 IMG_4329 IMG_4311



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