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Happy Eve of Christmas Eve Lovelies!

Can you believe it? Christmas rolled around just like that! We usually take our Christmas picture in home ourselves, but this year Abbie asked to meet Santa Claus, and so we obliged. I was contemplating, for days, on whether or not to sew up another Christmas dress for her for our visit to meet Santa – and then I found some shoes!  I bought these silver glitter shoes a few months ago, thinking they would make for the perfect “glass slippers” for when I sew up her Cinderella cosplay. They are perfect don’t you think?


But I couldn’t stop thinking about how nicely they went together with some Cobalt Blue poly mix fabric and silver lace trim I had in my stash. I thought it would be a nice change from the variations of Christmas red we always do, and well….you know how this story ends right? lol


I know you’re probably getting bored with this style of dress (I’ve made it twice already in two months! haha You can see them HERE and HERE) , but it was the vision that kept calling so  I had to go with it. I did it exactly like I did the Purple Dress, except this time I added trim.


I’ve always done hanging trim so I was excited to see what an inverted trim placement would look like.


It’s a lot of work, as I had to sew around the entire perimeter so that it was tacked down nice and neat….but it’s oh so pretty!


I thought installing an invisible zipper on this type of slippery fabric would be more challenging – but, slow and steady is always tried and true – got it in nicely on my first try.


It also passed the twirl test…lol




It was Abigail’s first time visiting Santa, and she was thrilled!


Adrian, not so much…he think’s he’s too grown for this type of thing. lol

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That’s it for today’s post you guys! Thank you so much for stopping by today.  Wishing you a safe and wonderful Christmas, filled with family, belly laughs and good eats! I’ll talk to you soon! xoxo


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