I’ve always been a little reluctant to try sewing adult clothes, ….but I decided to accept the sewing challenge posted in one of my Sewing groups. I had some nice, silky blue fabric, some fancy lace and some black bias tape on hand, so I decided why not!

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The challenge was to construct the Sorbetto by Collette Patterns. It looked simple enough, so I wasn’t too intimidated. The start to finish was really very simple, but the end product did not quite match what it was suppose to look like! hahaha! FAILED! I think my mistake was choosing a silky fabric to work with because it kept slipping, and I believe thats why my darts and hem did not line up! hahahaha!

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But then, I really didn’t fail, because I learned so much! I’ve learned that next time I need to choose something LESS SLIPPERY until I’ve mastered working with those types of fabrics. I’ve learned that pattern weights are important. I’ve learned that hand stitching an embellishment is not as much fun as it was in my head! haha! I’ve learned that ironing side seams are important especially when trying to achieve a perfect hem. So, even tho in my mind I failed miserably at the finished product….it was still very much a rewarding experience! Practice makes perfect right? I’m ready for the next challenge!

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