Hey guys,

This weekend I DIY’ed my very own photo back drop and thought I would share the process with you. It’s super simple and a little costly, but it’s totally worth the investment especially if leaving the house to do location photoshoots are somewhat difficult .

Total cost of this project is roughly $200 considering you have the basic hardware tools.


I got a 12 pack of artificial shrubs and decided that my backdrop would measure 4 panels tall and 3 panels wide.

I wanted it to be foldable so it would be easy to store…and so I had the guy at home depot cut 3 panels 60×80 inches wide.



Step 1: Connect your panels with hinges. I used 6 hinges – top, bottom and middle. Be sure to position your hinges so that the smooth back side (the one that won’t have the shrubs) will be able to fold flat and the smooth sides are facing each other. The third panel will not fold down as flat, but that’s to be expected.


Step 2: Position and attach the shrubs using the staple gun.

DIY Photoback drop DIY Photoback drop

Step 3 (Optional & Recommended): If you’re planning on having your backdrop stand up right, I would add some hooks to the top or side to safely secure it to a wall. Because I’m uncertain of where my backdrop will have to be depending on the time of the day and the sun’s position I haven’t yet added the safety elements. For now, it’s leaning against the back fence in a deep arch so it won’t readily fall forward.

DIY Photoback drop

And there you have it! Easy Peasy!  We did a little photoshoot to test it out…can’t even tell its just a backdrop right?? More on the details of this dress coming later this week….stay tuned!

DIY Photoback drop


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