Can you believe it? It’s officially the first day of 2016! I’m so so excited about 2016 and all the goodness it has in store; it’s going to be an amazing year! And how fitting to start it off with some Katy Perry Inspired looks?! When Melissa of Rebel and Malice posted a call for blog contributors for a Katy Perry Inspired New Years Eve Blog Tour Party, hosted by Becca of Sewing Stadium, I did not hesitated to answer; I love how she dreams up these awesome ideas. Melissa’s idea was to use Katy Perry as our spirit animal for a NYE outfit inspiration. We could make something for ourselves, plan a party, style our kids, fur babies or whatever we wanted to do that was creative. We could go as literal or as inspired as we wanted.

There are so many Katy Perry looks I adore, so it was really kinda difficult to choose one, BUT then my mystery mail from HAPPY FABRICS arrived!! In it, was the most beautiful piece of custom knit fabric I have ever seen.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 7.06.38 PM

(You can find it HERE) It looks just like REAL SPRINKLES!! I thought it SCREAMED Katy Perry! It was just too perfect and came right in the nick of time. I honestly was tempted to lick it a few times just to be sure the sprinkles weren’t real. lol #dontjudgeme

Sidenote: Happy Fabrics SHIPS WORLDWIDE! So if you’re gaga for this like I am, you should definitely order some and while you’re at it check out the other awesome custom prints. The weight, drape and colors are just brilliant.


I had so many plans for this blog post –  there was going to be some baking involved and lots and lots of real sprinkles….but then life happened, and the whole house got sick and I ended up not having enough time to do what I originally wanted to do. *womp womp womp*

BUT THERE’S ALWAYS A PLAN B RIGHT?! LOL Plan B usually happens the NIGHT BEFORE your blog post is due…(hahah, sometimes I work best under pressure). I needed a quick and easy sew that still had some ‘FUN” factor so I opted for the Riley Dress by Made for Mermaids.


While I liked the racerback option for this dress, I wanted something a little more daring (or different) so I decided to hack the pattern and give it a long scooped back with a little bow detail, and of course the entire bodice (front and back) is fully lined.


Funny story, this was not the type of bow I had in mind, I actually meant to insert the square and then use a smaller band to tie in at the middle to create the bow look and then add some tails. I don’t know if it was because I was souped up on cough medicine, or maybe because it was already 1:30 am, but I sewed in the other end of the square “wrong” and it resulted in this somewhat bow look! At first I said a few curse words under my breathe, but then I was like wait…this could work too! Also, ripping out stretch stitches was not something I was really keen on having to do, so I just went with it! (lol) Because I lowered the back bodice, I raised the front one a few inches just to give it a nice “business in the front, party in the back” effect.

kp1 copykp3

As I was making the dress, she spotted this little bow in my ribbon stash and INSISTED that it had to be on the dress. So mommy obliged.


The Riley has a beautiful twirl, so #thespritedone loved it!


Just some more pictures for the heck of it…lol


We have always spent New Year’s Eve at home, the hubby brings party hats, pizza and Apple Cider in and we all count down from the comfort of our living room. The only difference is that this year we had some decorations to go with it and at least one of us watched the ball drop in style! lol

Thank you for stopping by today guys, I wish you an AHHH-MAZING year filled to the brim with possibilities and all your hearts desires! YOU GOT THIS! THIS YEAR IS YOURS!


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 AND REMEMBER!!! There’s a Giveaway worth $100 in prizes during the blog party, so keep touring along with the bloggers! CLICK HERE FOR GIVEAWAY DETAILS.

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  1. What a gorgeous and fun dress! It is elegant in the simplicity of design, yet the fabric screams, “Look at me, I am special!” I love reading the stories behind your carefully crafted garments! Awesome job!

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