Happy Monday My Lovelies!!!!!

I know I’ve been teasing you all this weekend on Facebook and IG about something exciting I can’t wait to share, well …wait no more, FINALLY I get to blog about it and share it with you!

Last week, I had the incredible privilege to do a collaboration with the super talented, and charming, Abigail Ayala. She might only be 2.5 yrs old, but I gotta tell you…she’s smart, and funny and a really great conversationalist. Despite being a little headstrong, she’s very easy to get along with, especially if you promise to give her gum – she’s cool. Mind you, I might be just a tad bit biased since I know her very personally – she once occupied a  space  inside my tummy for 9 mths. ( hahaha – if you haven’t caught on at my lame attempt at humor – Abigail is my daughter aka the Marshmallow). 

So backstory to this project: I was cleaning up my fabric stash and taking inventory and   came across this totally awesome black and white fabric I completely forgot about! I remembered when I picked it up, I thought “oohhh…this would look fab with just a splash of color!” …then I brought it home and forgot all about it! lol What’s funny is that earlier that day, I was searching for deals on Crayola crayons for the Marshmallow because coloring is one of her favorite pastimes and I came across Crayola Fabric Markers….moments after I pulled the fabric from my stash the light bulb went off!!


First I cut out all the pattern pieces and had her color them individually. Needless to say, she was far more excited about doing this than I was! The most rewarding thing about this whole experience was seeing how excited she was about coloring on fabric and being able to do a “sewing something with mommy”.


Once she was finished, I got to making the dress. I was never much of a fan of high low dresses, but for some odd reason that’s the vision had for this dress because I knew I wanted a more dramatic flare at the back and I knew I wanted it to be fully lined. I love fully lining her dresses now because I know that they look nice and neat from the inside as well as the outside; since there are no visible finishing seams when you line a dress.

Even though I explained to her this was just a test fitting to see if the dress would fit right,  she grabbed her purple shoes and her sparkly headband and headed for the door – she was ready for her photoshoot! lol So I obliged. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the #Color Me Dress!

hilowcoloringdress copycolormedress4colormedress5

I kept asking her to look at the camera but she insisted on showing me everything she colored. EVERYTHING! lol I literally had to bribe her with chocolate to take the dress of. She was very proud of her dress, and that made my heart so happy!  After looking at those photos I felt that maybe it was still missing something so I decided to add purple sash to the ensemble.


Because I’m sooooo soooo excited about the endless possibilities of the idea of this WEARABLE ART,  I’ve added “Color Me Dress Kits” to my Etsy store: Here. These kits are NOT finished garments, they are only 2 yards of the fabric and a pack of Crayola Fabric Markers. If you would like to purchase a finished garment please email me at ask@regalappeal.com to discuss how we can get your little one wearing his or her own artistic work! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it all together! Until next time!


p.s. Here’s a little a little Behind the Scenes clip of our photoshoot:

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