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Our monthly Disneyland trip snuck up on me and two days before we were scheduled to go I realized I HAD NOTHING PLANNED, nor did I have time to put a cosplay together. I had some super cute Disney Knit (you can find it on HERE)  in my stash so I went to google to search for patterns specifically for knit when I stumbled upon MADE FOR MERMAIDS. You can imagine my reaction to the the name alone right?!

Picking a pattern was super easy! I picked the Brooklyn Dress, it was perfect since just the week before I fell in love with the 3/4 sleeve look which happened quite by mistake when I miscalculated how much fabric I would need when I did the Abbie’s Purple Paisley Dress. Now that I had the Brooklyn pattern, I wouldn’t have to draft a 3/4 sleeve over and over as she grew – TOTAL SCORE!!  The pattern stands alone or can be paired with the RILEY Peplum Top and Dress if you wanted a twirly circle skirt look, so guess what …I BOUGHT THAT ONE TOO!! The mashup has an totally dreamy result. I knew the day was going to be cold and windy so I ended up lining the entire bodice so it would keep her warm.

JUST LOOK AT HOW SUPER CUTE THIS DRESS IS, but first allow me to brag about my character placement:




Of course, meeting Minnie and a few other characters were first on our list we try to get that out of the way because the lines can get really long.

mfmminnie6 copy


I really love how the dress fits her so neatly.


And she loved the amazing TWIRL FACTOR!!! I am officially in love with circle skirts!  (brace yourself for a bunch of twirly pics! lol)




Sofia even challenged her to a twirl off! lol


After our character meets, we rode a couple rides we never tried before, and stopped to have our first Ginger Bread man of the season. We took one home for brother too.


We left the park much earlier than we usually do because the wind was picking up and it was starting to get much too cold.

BUT back to my pattern review: I absolutely love love love everything about these two patterns! They were just so easy to follow and the fit was PERFECT! It took me about 3 hours to do from start to finish (kid interruptions included).

Normally, I’d answer a bunch of questions when I’m doing a pattern review, but all I really have to say is this: If you enjoy sewing with knits, GO GET THESE PATTERNS NOW!! That’s all there is to it! 😉 GO! GO! GO!

This really has been one of my most enjoyable knit sews. I just ordered some knits and can’t wait until they get here so I can sew up some more.

ANNNND that’s it for today guys, thanks for stopping by!! Talk to you soon! xoxox



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