Happy Monday Lovelies!

So remember these super cute shoes I had posted about in JANUARY!?!? January!! (as time stamped in my facebook post HERE)  I JUST FOUND THEM while cleaning out the closet! All of 11 months later!!

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 10.35.32 PM

I remember being super stoked that I had fabric that matched the shoes perfectly and had all the plans to sew up something to match them. But I hid the shoes from Abigail because I didn’t want her to scuff them before we had a chance to take pictures…and I guess I hid them too well!! haha!  I completely forgot about them and about sewing something to match them. I held my breathe as I had her try them on again, and ohhhh what a relief that they still fit! WHEW!!!!

I wanted to do a quick sew, and I wanted something with sleeves because the weather was getting cooler, I went through my patterns, but nothing seemed to fit with the busy-ness of the dress. So, I decided to just quickly draft a bodice from one of her long sleeve shirts and create what I had envisioned in my head. (The same way I showed you how to draft a bodice template from an existing shirt HERE).


I wanted a full skirt, so I used the full width of the fabric and cut two set of rectangles 15 inches long first. I figured I would have enough for the bodice and the sleeves, but NOPE! I was wrong! I’m so use to making her dresses sleeveless that I didn’t think to figure how much fabric long sleeves would take. So I did the safest thing and I cut the front and back bodice out first, but then I realized I didn’t have enough for long sleeves; but was a good enough length for 3/4 sleeves. *womp womp womp* The strip of fabric left over was not long enough for linings so instead I settled for facings, then I figured, why not just use every bit of the fabric? So I cut out some pockets from the remainder of the fabric and was literally left with about a 4×3 inch scrap piece. And of course, I added an invisible zipper closure.

purpledress13I wasn’t too excited about finishing the dress because it didn’t start quite like I envisioned it …but I was like, what dah hayyy….it’s already cut…might as well go with it. AND BOY WAS I GLAD I DID! It really did come out super adorable!! I was pretty pleased my miscalculation turned out to be better than I expected.

Shaun, had the kid’s first live theatre outing scheduled so I thought it would be the perfect thing for her to wear then. We had a few moments before the theatre doors opened so we took some action shots on the side walk to pass the time.



Are  those shoes a perfect match or what?!


Invisible zipper? WHERE? lol I’m always pleased when my  seams line up perfectly after an invisible zipper insertion.





We went to L.A. Little Theatre  to see the Wizard of Oz and it was such an enjoyable experience. The theatre really is little, I was skeptical at first, as I am sound sensitive but it was quite a cozy experience. The show only ran about an hour or so, and Abigail even got to meet Dorothy. 🙂


The cast was really good and the kids really enjoyed themselves, we’ll definitely be going back to see more shows in the future! Well, that’s it for today guys, thank you so much for stopping by! Wishing you a productive Monday! Stay awesome!


p.s. Seriously tho, how stinking’ cute is this dollar store pearl necklace on her? lol


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