Hello hello! Ya’ll know I don’t usually blog unless I am really excited about something! So here it is! It’s always Christmas time for me when I get a new shipment of fabric from fabric.com, but this time was especially exciting. The minute my hand touched this darling fabric,  I was instantly inspired and I just HAD  to start working on it. Who doesn’t love vintage, florals right? Six hours and four muslins later, I finally perfect my vision I had for this dress.  I was so giddy to start cutting into this fabric, and excited to see the finish!  So here it is: (I still haven’t figured out a name for it yet, but if you have any suggestions please let me know!)

I really like the idea of a double sided bodice, plus it allowed me to hide the ends of the straps on the inside of the bodice, which I think gives it that professional vintage look – don’t you think?  insidedress

Finished Insides of the Dress.
Back of the Dress.
Elastic Casing in the Back of Dress – Don’t you just love a clean finish?

I’m especially proud of how the bodice came out. It took me four tries at drafting it because I wanted to be sure it was cute, while still being modest. (Sidenote: My SACurve Ruler was especially helpful here).

SweetHeart Front.

Here’s a shot of the back of the dress! I love that the design of the dress makes it so that the straps are adjustable and you can also uncross them. Also with the elastic casing in the back, and the length of the dress, she’ll be able to grow into it and get plenty of wear.




I was very excited add some side pockets to the design (this is the second time I’ve added sidepockets to anything I’ve sewn for her).


Here are some action shots of the Marshmallow:





So there it is! My most favorite dress to date, I really do love sewing for her! Hope you guys liked it! Talk to you soon! XOXO

Fabric Source: www.fabric.com 


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