I thought this name for fitting for this dress especially since my daughter calls it her “Princess Dress” I guess it’s because of the twirl factor! =) Many thanks to my awesome friend Anya, for suggesting it!  I received another Paris print from Fabric.com (link in the bottom of this post) last week and just had to make another dress! I always know a fabric print is a winner when I can envision a finished product just by looking at the fabric, as I did with this one.


I spent a few days drafting a more defined sweetheart neckline (using my template from my last post) and many frustrations later….I think I perfected it!


What I love most about this dress is that the bodice is double sided (allowing me to hide/sew the straps inside) and the finish is beautiful and clean! (If you follow me on IG, you know that I obsess a lot about how my finishes look!)lol


I’m now a little obsessed about adding pockets to the dresses, and I just how love how the contrasting print has a fun peek-a-boo way about it!


And of course I had to add some trim:


Okay now for the action shots!:



She loves to twirl! lol


Okay! That’s all for today! Wishing you guys a fantastic week! xoxo – Candice

Fabric Source: www.Fabric.com



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