Hello Lovelies!

Can you believe 2016 is over just like that?! Crazy right?! I wanted to take a moment and reflect on my personal SEWING achievements and milestones of 2016 and I thought what better way to have the memories live on forever than to blog about it! haha. This is really for my personal benefit, so that in the future, I  can go back and look and them and remember where I came from.

Besides the amazing opportunities to Pattern Test (those you already know about if you follow the blog), other incredible stuff happened that I really only mentioned on my Social Media accounts – (Instagram & Facebook). Here are some highlights from my 2016:

and lastly the biggest of them all:

Looking back, it has been such a stellar year for my personal sewing journey! I’m so so so thankful for the support and encouragement of my husband, family and friends and for YOU for being here and reading along my sewing journey! I must admit, I’m pretty stoked about 2017!

Because of the success of I was “forced” [in the best possible way], to rebrand the site into something bigger and better! The new site is currently in Round 2 of Beta Testing so it’s just a matter of days before we’ll be ready to launch! *insert excited squeal here*  (If you’d like to be one of the first to know when the new site launches, you can sign up here:

I’M SO READY FOR 2017!!!! Wishing all my friends around the world a SAFE and blessed NEW YEAR! Talk you to all in 2017!

Much love to you!! xoxo




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