Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

Really excited about this season’s challenge for KCW:

kid's clothes week

I thought the theme was perfect considering the fact that we wanted to take the kids to the San Diego Zoo on our weekend trip to San Diego (which happened last weekend). Thankfully I started the projects far in advance so I had enough time to sew up something for both the cubs! Initially I wanted to feature both of them in one post, but I have far too many pictures! So I’ll give them each their individual spotlight (so to speak 😉 ). First up, #TheSpiritedOne, because …you know, ladies before gents. (haha!)

For the bodice of the dress, I used the same pattern I did for her Easter Romper but this time I drafted the v-neck down just a little more and put the snaps in the back instead of the front. And of course, I just HAD to line it and add some trim at the bottom! =)


I’m absolutely in love with these pastel pink snaps! Aren’t they adorable? I can’t wait to use them again on something else. (I picked them up at Michael Levine Inc. the last time I went downtown.) I think they perfectly compliment the adorableness of the little animals on this print, don’t you think? For “Wild Things” they certainly are cute!



Now for some action shots:






She wanted to get her face painted and so we obliged.


I was really hoping she would have picked something more “wild”….but I guess cute little kitties can be wild too…..right?! lol


She was being super duper careful not to touch her face …lol


And of course, some twirling happened….


Here are a few pics of all the animals we saw. The panda was especially adorable.


The day was a little brighter than I hoped for but we had a great time. STAY TUNED TOMORROW for PART 2 of our Zoo trip featuring the boy cub! Until then, xoxox


4 thoughts on “KCW Challenge: WILD THINGS at the Zoo Part 1 – featuring Abigail

    1. Thank you so much Louisa! I just came back from your blog! It’s so cute, I enjoy the voice of it! Your niece (s) and nephew (s) are very lucky! =)

      1. Thanks! I have fun making things for them. They are an appreciative audience! They love having things made for them. I figure I might as well enjoy that while it lasts!

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