Happy Tuesday Evening Lovelies! …seriously…I’m just gonna blog whenever now…haha!

I’m still on a high from attending MimiG’s 4th Annual Sewing, Fashion and Style Conference this year. The best part of being a part of such a wonderful event is the fellowshipping with like minded women! It truly is a one of a kind experience.

I won’t lie though…the second best thing is THE GOODIE BAG!!! hahah! The contents get better and better each year, and each year I look forward to finding a new Fiskar’s scissors in my bag! =) BOOM! I was not disappointed!


If you pay keen attention to my posts, you might notice that I have a few Fiskar’s in my stash. I marked the sharpest one with blue painter’s tape around the handle so that THE OTHERS *cough cough* would know NOT TO USE MY FABRIC SCISSORS!! DO NOT USE IT! IT IS FOR FABRIC USE ONLY. …*deep exhale* ….but unfortunately my darling fabric scissors have once or twice been swiped from her cozy little spot on MY cutting table and have been used to cut paper…and dare I say it…plastic! *insert cringe here* So I told myself, the next time I get a new pair of scissors I’m going to take extra precaution to set that one apart. I would lock it up with a key or hide it away, but knowing me, I’d certainly loose the key or wouldn’t be able to find where I hid it. BUUUUTTT….I thought to myself… if I make the handle  a different color, they would probably think twice about taking that one right? RIGHT?! That makes sense right?! Let’s just hope I’m right! haha!

I treasure my Fabric Scissors like one would treasure gold, so I thought GOLD! It’s the perfect pop of color. Totally glamorous, totally perfect! So ….I spray painted the handles of my scissors gold! =) They look AHHH-MAZING!! This DIY is seriously the easiest thing ever to do! All you need are your scissors, painter’s tape and your choice of spray paint (all purpose spray paint works best). You can find spray paint at any craft or home improvement store, I got mine at Home Depot.


And then just follow TWO SIMPLE steps:

STEP 1: Wrap the entire blade of your scissors with painter’s tape.


Step 2: Spray paint your scissors. Be sure to do this outside in a well ventilated area. Spray one side first and leave to dry for 30 minutes then flip over and spray the other side and leave to dry for another 30 minutes.


I sprayed the new scissors first with the metallic paint and when that was dry, I sprayed both sides of the handle with the glitter paint. I liked the look of just the Metallic Paint so I decide to do one of my old scissors as well.


The top scissors has a Glitter Finish and the bottom one is just the Metallic. SUPER GLAM RIGHT!!?!?! I was so excited about how this came out ….that I decided to do my magnetic pin holder too….


……and then….I guess I got carried away and did my scissors pot as well… (it’s actually a flower pot but I use it for scissors) ….hahaha…..what can I say? Everything looks better in GOLD and GLITTER right?! lol


I hope THE OTHERS *cough cough* …will know better now NOT TO TOUCH THE GOLDEN SCISSORS!! lol.


I hope you guys enjoyed this super easy DIY! If you decide to go spray paint crazy like I did, PLEASE be sure to tag me! I’d love to see what you decided to spray and what color you used! The possibilities are endless here! Have an awesome rest of the week you guys! Talk to you soon! xoxo


4 thoughts on “DIY : Glam your Sewing Scissors

  1. What a cute idea! My scissors are all thrown in a giant coffee canister. I have tons of old scissors that could use some sprucing up (and sharpening).

  2. I’m so impressed that out of all the scissors in the world you use Fiskars scissors! And why? Because they come from Finland like me! Did you know their origin? I use them as well, naturally. Such a cool DIY project you have there! Should totally do that too! 🙂

    1. Anna, I did not know that! ha, thank you for sharing that cool nugget of information! I love Fiskars =) Thank you for commenting and liking this DIY, I appreciate it. Greetings from California! =)

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