DIY Upcycled Men’s Shirt to Child’s Top

Hey all! Have you ever had so many committed projects lined up that you try and figure out ways to “kill 2 birds with one stone?” This is what happened to me this past week! lol I’m knee deep in sews and prepping content for my second annual Upcycling Challenge but I had already committed to being a part of […]

Who is Candice Ayala

Hi Reader! Thank you so much for stopping by today! My name is Candice Ayala, I’m not a fan of labels but I like to consider myself as a person who sews, who enjoys all forms of DIY and who is utterly obsessed with upcycling and refashion! I am the Founder & CEO of SewingPortfolios, LLC. Sewing Portfolios works as […]

Etsy shop update image

We are excited that you’re interested in participating in the 2019 Upcycling Challenge! We’re especially pumped because this year we’re doing something completely different from what we did last year! It includes lots of fun goodies for our participants and an in-depth look into their journey as they start and finish their upcycles. Also have you seen the Sponsor page, […]