Morning folks! So I was a little nervous, but very excited to try my hands at making a dress for the Marshmallow using a pattern!

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 I really loved the sweet vintage look of “C” but I didn’t want the straps to tie at the back….I figured how hard could that be to figure out?

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So I followed the pattern, and cut all the pieces….but when came time to read the instructions I got a little frustrated….okay, A LOT frustrated!  After ripping the seams open for the fourth time, I decided to just do my own thing and wing it!!

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Aren’t those buttons just adorable?!
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I love that the dress is double layered and that there was is one visible ending seam – which ended up inside the dress where you couldn’t see it! I was so proud of myself for figuring that out, but more proud of how neat it looked!

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Here’s a few shots of the Marshmallow!

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Really love the trims!
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I think I’m going to use this dress to make my own pattern and try again! Stay tuned! Have a fabulous week ya’ll!

Fabric from: Michael Levine Inc.

Buttons from: Joann Fabric & Craft Store


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