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So today was actually suppose to be my “off day” , I spent the morning washing fabric with the intent of prepping them for future projects. Usually right after the fabric comes from the dryer I like to iron them so that it stays crisp, it was then I realized….I should probably do something about my ironing board….because it was “tore up”. (don’t judge me lol)


It was an easy and quick DIY fix, especially since I didn’t have to go to the store for foam (we had some here already from one of the hubby’s past puppet projects). Because it was so easy, I thought I’d share with you and show you how to do it just in case you ever need to. What I love most about this project is that you can customize your cover with just about any fabric you choose! I chose one of my VERY FAVORITE fabrics because I’m not too fond of ironing, and I figured maybe if my cover was pretty to look at, I wouldn’t mind ironing so much! haha!


  • 1/2 inch thick Foam Padding ( You can get this at any Craft or Fabric Store)
  • Quilting Cotton Fabric (I used one yard for my small table top ironing board)
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Ruler
  • 1/4 inch elastic (about 2 feet long)
  • Pattern Weights
  • Marking Tool (I used Tailor’s Chalk)
  • Safety Pin


STEP 1: Remove old padding and cover. Use the old padding to create a template for your new foam padding. Secure with pattern weights (so the foam doesn’t shift), Trace it, or cut directly around.


Now you have your new foam padding.


STEP 2: Use NEW foam padding to create your FABRIC cover template. Place fabric wrong side up and TRACE (with your marking tool) the outline of your foam backing.


STEP 3: Once you have traced your outline, use your ruler to add 2-3 inches around the entire perimeter of your traced template. These extra inches will be used to create the elastic casing around the cover.


STEP 4: Once you’ve added your extra inches, cut your template out.


STEP 5: Serge or sew using a small zigzag stitch right along the edge of your fabric, all the way around your template. This will prevent the fabric from fraying.


STEP 6: Fold your edges 1/2 inch under and sew all the way around to create your elastic casing. REMEMBER to leave a small opening (about an inch wide) so that you can feed your elastic through the casing.


STEP 7: Take your elastic and secure the safety pin at one of the ends and then feed the elastic all the way through the casing until you come out at where you first started. DO NOT SECURE ELASTIC ENDS HERE. 


STEP 8: Place your NEW FOAM and NEW COVER unto your ironing board. THEN TURN IRONING BOARD OVER. With the ironing board turned over, pull at your elastic ends until your cover becomes tight and snug over the iron board. SECURE ELASTIC ENDS HERE. (I tied a knot).


STEP 9: With your elastic ends secured, remove cover from ironing board, take it to the sewing machine and stitch your opening close.


STEP 10: Replace finished cover on your ironing board, THEN take a step back to admire your work!




And there you have it! Hope you guys found this tutorial useful. I’ll talk to you soon, I’ve got some ironing to do! haha!!


11 thoughts on “Transform your old ironing board into a BRAND NEW one! – DIY Tutorial

  1. My new favourite blog! Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing with us! I love DIY, and tutorials! Keep em coming, and know you are appreciated! This is so dangerous to read and see, because im all out of time to do all the things I want to do, hehe.

    Much love from Line

  2. Just found your site this morning!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I have been making a few dresses for my 1 year old granddaughter, but haven’t attempted anything for my 3 year old grandson. It is great to see patterns for both. But first off I am making me a new cover for my ironing board, because mine looks similar to yours before its transformation.
    Just wanted to say thank your for all your wonderful creations and motivation.
    Happy Sewing!!!

    1. Hi there Ellen!! Thank you so much for the sweet comment! haha…Truth be told, its so much more easier to sew the cutesie things for the little girls, but I had to be fair and sew up some stuff for the boy cub too =) I’m so glad you found the ironing board transformation useful! =D Thank you so much for joining me on my sewing journey! Happy Sewing to you too. Best regards, Candice!

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