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So my sewing corner has been LONG over due for a little sprucing! You know how it goes when you start accumulating fabric and sewing things, and you get comfortable just putting them wherever right? I wanted to start 2018 FRESH, and decided it was time to declutter, my clutter. I thought it would have been a little challenging to do this considering I share my space with the dining room and only had two corners and half a wall to work with (sidenote: I’m so not a fan of Craftsman Style homes!). But with a little planning and some awesome Ikea finds, I made it happen!

I’m pretty excited about it, so I thought why not share it in a blog post? Here’s the BEFORE and AFTER:

Sewing Room Makeover : Candice Ayala

Pretty trippy right? Same space! WHOLE NEW FEEL! And this is probably the most clean it will ever be! (hahah!)

I thought maybe a few people might be interested in where I got everything so here’s a handy listing of all the NEW furniture and knick knacks:  (ps. this is NOT a sponsored post)


1. IKEA: Trofast Frame & Trofast Storage Box – what I like most about this unit is that you can customize the size of the boxes you need.

2: IKEA: BILLY / OXBERG Bookcase with doors combination

3. IKEA: Skubbare Fabric Basket

4: IKEA: LINNMON/OLOV Table. The version linked has two drawer unit, but bought the model in store with just one drawer unit.

5. IKEA: ALEX Drawer Unit / Drop File Storage

6. IKEA: ADDE Chair


8. AMAZON: Stylemaster Elegance Voile Panel Curtains

9. IKEA: RANARP Wall/Clamp Spotlight with LED bulb

10 IKEA: FNISS Trash Can

11. AMAZON: Azar White Pegboard Room Organizer with hardware & accessories

12. IKEA: JANSJÖ LED work lamp

13. AMAZON: June Tailor 60 Spool Thread Rack

Sewing Room Makeover : Candice Ayala

 And just in case anyone was interested in what’s on my peg board:

A. Wooden Yard Stick

B. Clear Design Ruler

C. SA Curve Rulers – I bought these waaaay before the color change

D: Marking Tools: Mark B Gone Double Sided Pen  & Tailors Chalk

E. Fiskars Amplify Scissors: for cutting thick and heavy fabrics

F. Gingher Pinking Shears

G: Fiskars Scissors: for cutting regular fabrics

H. Craftgear Scissors: it was meant to be a fabric scissors but “someone” used it to cut paper,   and so now its the paper scissors lol

I. Fiskars Micro Tip Scissors

J. Seam Rippers: Dritz: Blue & Clover: White 

K. Pressing Ham

L. Hem Gauge

M. Wonder Clips & Glass Head Pins

N. Metal Washers used as pattern weights.

O. Oliso Iron

P. Fiskars Cutting Mat

…..Annnnnd if you’re wondering whats on my sewing table:

machines1 copy

Q. Serger: Baby Lock Imagine

R. Sewing Machine: Baby Lock Soprano

My most favorite part of my “new” sewing space is definitely the book shelf! I love that this unit came with glass doors, not only does it keep the dust and cooking smells away from my fabric, but its pretty nice to just walk by and see all my beautiful fabric and trims just neatly sitting there. [sidenote: I can almost guarantee about 98% of all that fabric is Michael Miller Fabrics! lol]

Sewing Room Makeover : Candice Ayala

OH! And here it is with the LED Lights on! If you follow me on IG you already know about these, but if you’re just reading this post, my hubby thought it would be a cool idea to add LED lights to my table so it could “separate” the area from the dining room. lol. I love it! It looks even more amazing at night!

Sewing Room Makeover : Candice Ayala

And that’s it for this post! I hope you’ve been able to find something helpful to spruce up your sewing area or maybe even some inspiration ESPECIALLY if you’re sharing your space like I am! Hopefully in a couple years I’ll be able to turn my two corners, one wall sewing space into an actual room with four walls and a door! lol Until then, I’ll be enjoying this new makeover! Thank you so much for stopping by today, I’ll talk to you soon! xoxo


6 thoughts on “My Sewing Corner Makeover

  1. Wonderful ideas, thank you for labeling everything for my reference. what is the size of this wall? I am going to have a 9’x9′ room and wonder how I can outfit it best.

    1. I believe that is a drafting table Cindy. It was giving to me when a family member moved, so I don’t really have much info on it other than it can adjust….sorry!

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