I’ve been asked by my clients many times, “Where do you get your fabric from?” and “How do you decide what to choose?”, so here’s my answer:

The Loft

So far, all my preeties have been made from fabric bought exclusively from The Loft of Michael Levine,Inc (located in downtown LA, two flights above Michael Levine‘s Home Fabric Store). The Loft is a magical place (at least to me!), I get so excited about going there because I never know what I’m going to find. The Loft is filled with many different types of fabrics ranging from remnants to yardages of full pieces. What is especially awesome about going to The Loft is that I am always sure to find beautiful sample yardages from designers or  manufacturers I never see in any of the other fabric retail stores in downtown LA. That’s why the Loft is so great, because while I’m buying fabric by the pound I’m also getting absolutely fabulous pieces to work with.

I must mention that the customer service is really good too! It’s always pleasant going to the Loft and Michael, the guy at the front counter, is always very nice about answering my (sometimes ridiculous) questions while ringing up my bags and bags of fabric! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever left there with less than 5 bags of fabric – true story!

I’m due for a trip this week and am totally excited to see what fabulous treasures I may find!  I’ll keep you posted!  Stay Regal my pretties!- Candice

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