Happy Monday My Lovelies!

I have been so busy prepping for Abigail’s 3rd birthday that I had zero time to blog last week. It feels as if time is just flying by, especially when I look at her and think, “Has it really been THREE years already?”….SHEESH. I need a pause button.

This year, she asked to spend the day at the beach AGAIN (like last year) and she also asked for a Little Mermaid themed cake, (I promise I had nothing to do with it! She likes mermaids just like her Mommy =) ) , so it was only fitting that I made her a mermaid themed swimsuit! Right?!

I was excited about this challenge because I love anything mermaid, and because it gave me the opportunity to work with a type of fabric I had never worked with before: Swimsuit Fabric (also known as Nylon, Lycra or Spandex).


Because I was using Abigail’s measurements, finding the perfect fit was a bit of a challenge, but after about 5 test pieces and many, many, fittings later, I finally cut the right measurements for her. As you know, I obsess a lot about lining her dress bodices, so the idea for this bathing suit was no different. Lucky for me, Mimi G (of MimiGStyle) has an awesome video tutorial on how to sew a lined adult swimsuit! I watched her tutorial a couple times, and followed along with her tips and tricks for sewing with swimsuit fabric and it made sewing the swimsuit together a piece of cake (as with everything she teaches you to make)! You can find that tutorial HERE.

I think tutu swimsuits are so adorable, and so I used the green mermaid scale fabric to add a little ruffled skirt. Works perfect for that mermaid illusion right?  I think it came together nicely. I even DIY’d her little starfish hair clip using a real little starfish, a hair clip and my hot glue gun. =)



NOW FOR ACTION SHOTS: Since her actual birthday falls during the week, we planned a family picnic/beach day yesterday at our favorite spot.

Can you tell they were excited about the beach? We love the beach!


Big brother likes to play chicken with the waves…lol


After the splashing we built some sand castles….


We spent the rest of the afternoon playing in sand and enjoying the waves….it was the perfect way to kick off her 3rd Birthday Celebration. We are totally looking forward to spring and summer! That’s it for today guys, more birthday celebrations coming up though, stay tuned! =)


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