Hey Guys,
So I still have a couple more Belize Adventures to share with you, and I thought I’d take advantage of #THROWBACKTHURSDAY and post one here! haha! Next up was our overnight trip to Caye Caulker.


As you can tell by their cheesy grins, Caye Caulker is one of our favorite places because it feels less “hustle and bustle” and more “relax and unwind”, plus the kids were looking forward to getting in the water.


We stayed at the Rainbow Hotel like we normally do, it really is a cozy little spot and Ernesto always makes us feel at home (He even brought a heaping back of coco plums for us to enjoy – sorry, no pics, I ate them all! lol)


We dropped off our bags and then headed straight to the beach, it was a little mucky since it had been raining so hard, but it was still very nice.


The water is pretty cool, because the fishes don’t care, the swim right around you…there was a manta ray a few feet from them too but I was busy looking at it an enjoying the moment than to remember to take a picture! lol


We took a break from the water and got some food and desserts. AGAIN, was too busy being hungry to remember to take a picture of our food! haha! But I did get our tasty dessert! Snow cones as big as your head!


After we took a little rest to digest our food, we went back to the water. The sun was just about setting this time and it made for some magical mermaid pictures! Of course she insisted in taking her tail! lol



If I could use these pictures as an illustration to a story, it would look like the water turned her into a mermaid right?



Adj wasn’t so sure he liked the water….that is until he found a friend! haha…They spent a whole lotta time “diving” and digging for treasure. His mom, who is actually one of my old college mates, sent me this picture. What is it with kids and digging for stuff? He actually came home with a bottle full of random shells and rocks. lol


But all in all, despite the bursts of rain, we had a lot of fun! Can’t wait until we can go back again!

That’s it for today guys! I’ll take advantage of #FlashBackFriday tomorrow and post about our stay at the Rainforest Cabin in Camelote! Stay tuned for that! xoxo




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