As Featured in One Thimble Issue 19

Hi guys! It’s that One Thimble time of year again! Even though I was very aware of how packed my schedule was going to be, especially with my worldwide Upcycling Challenge still in progress, I couldn’t help myself! lol Issue 19 is about all things “playtime” and I wanted to be sure to in on some of that action. This time […]

Upcycling Challenge 2018 – KICK OFF!!

EEEKKKK!!! Hello Hello!! I can’t tell you just how excited I am to have you join us here for the KICK OFF of my first annual Upcycling Challenge WORLDWIDE! If you’ve been following this blog, or me on social media this challenge was no surprise right? lol It was bound to happen at some point! For Kick Off Week, myself and the first […]